Accounting Outsourcing Services

We can provide accounting services yearly, quarterly and monthly according to your requirements. The services can be ranged from bookkeeping to management report depending upon your needs and preference. You may have your own bookkeepers or accounts clerks, and outsource the supervisory duties to us or vice versa.

It is a “must” activity for each company in keeping its records and accounts as required under Hong Kong Accounting Standards and the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong. As a new start up company, usually you will concentrate on your core business activities to maximize your revenue and profit. Our accounting outsourcing services package provides a peace of mind service to fit your requirements.

The accounting outsourcing services may include:

  • Repare payment instructions by cheque
  • Perform bookkeeping
  • Prepare Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Prepare supporting schedules for annual audit
  • Generate aging report for accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Prepare report and aging report for inventory
  • Prepare management accounting report with analysis on a tailor-made basis
  • Perform senior level duties as accounting manager or financial controller on a consultant basis
  • Liaison with external auditors
  • Provide professional advice on accounting and financial aspects


Service our Clients diversely and internationally

Our existing clients come from various industries, such as trading, electronics, garments, surveyors, beauty, watch, education etc. We have built up our expertise in providing our services to meet the specific requirements of our different types of clients.

In addition to service domestic clients, we do service a number of international clients who have subsidiaries and branch offices in Hong Kong. We can meet their specific financial reporting standards based on their parent countries’ requirements.

MYOB Accounting Software

For the benefit of our clients, we select one of the most well known accounting software, MYOB, as the business tool for our accounting outsourcing services. You may also use it as your in-house automation system that is an integrated system among the functions of purchases, sales, inventory and accounting. Therefore, it is more than an accounting software and value for money in increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Accounting Outsourcing Benefits

  • Reduce Costs 
    With accounting outsourcing, number of full time staff, office space and facilities usually can be minimized. Thus it helps to optimize costs. In many cases, companies can save at least 50% on accounting staff cost.
  • Focus on core business activities
    Companies can concentrate on their core business activities and leave their accounting functions to be outsourced to the professionals whose core business activities are providing accounting services. Besides, precious time, energy and money spent on hiring, retaining and supervising support functions can be reduced.
  • Avoid interruptions of work
    Companies can avoid from any losses or interruptions of work as a result of staff leaving at critical times. Usually, this is a major problem faced by many small and medium sized companies.
  • Obtain experienced professionals
    As the professionals are experts in accounting fields, these help to ensure relevant and updated expertise is applied to the services concerned. Then companies would access to the higher levels of service expertise in management consulting, taxation, and financial reporting and analysis etc. provided by the outsourced companies whenever needed.
  • Maintain secrecy 
    Owing to small office environment, it is difficult to maintain secrecy among employees especially financial and personnel information. Outsourcing can be the solution for confidentiality and lack of segregation of duties.
  • Complete work timely 
    Meeting deadlines is definitely an important feature of work. Through outsourcing companies can meet their deadlines and also reduce time for supervising accounting functions.