Hong Kong and International Trademark

Hong Kong and International Trademark Registrations Consultation

In the era of increasing connectivity, we are given ever more opportunities to directly present our products to consumers. Brand building has already become an integral part of many enterprises, and whether the business is carried out in the material or virtual realms, we must not overlook protecting our brands and trademarks as they may become one of the most valuable assets.

  • If we haven’t registered our trademarks, may we still make use of it in the market?
  • Through what means can we protect our brands or trademarks?
  • What trademarks can be registered?
  • Is there a difference between TM and (R) ?
  • What is the registration process like?
  • When it is registered in Hong Kong, does it mean that our trademark is protected worldwide?
  • What is the cost effective way to make our trademark legally protected?
  • Is there any alternative remedy when our trademark fails to be registered?

For answering the above questions we highly recommend our strategy trademark consultant, Standard Trademark Registration Service Limited, a Hong Kong trademark consultancy firm serving the local and overseas SME’s since 2005, to guide you further with their professional advice.

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